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Can windows and doors reduce outside noise?
All windows and doors reduce noise to some degree. The best solution, however, is to use a laminated, insulating glass like Gorell's Armor Glass™ system in windows and doors. It provides as much as a 100 percent improvement in sound deadening over other glass types.

Can windows keep out UV radiation that fades carpeting, furniture, draperies and upholstery?
Using a low-emissivity glass in your new windows or doors will filter more than 50 percent of the damaging UV light. The absolute most effective glass for this purpose, however, is laminated insulating glass—like the Gorell Armor Glass™ system. It features a polyvinyl butyral inner layer and a low-emissivity coating that filters more than 99 percent of UV radiation that fades interior furnishings.

Do I need storm windows with new replacement windows?
No! Not having to deal with storm windows is one of the benefits of new replacement windows.

Can I get a wood replacement window?
Yes! There are replacement windows available with an all wood interior with a maintance free exterior. This means you can paint or stain the interior to match your rooms and still not have to worry about the exterior because it is covered with either vinyl or aluminum.

Will my walls and casings be disturbed when replacement windows are installed?
Replacement windows are made to fit into an existing opening. Which means that it is not necessary to disturb walls or window casings. Only the wooden stop material will need to be re-moved to take out your old window and then to set in the new one. After the new window is secure the old stops are replaced. There may only need to be a bit of paint touch up once the stops are replaced.

What is the difference between a welded frame and one that is screwed together?
When a vinyl window frame is welded it means that the corners of the frame and sash have actually been fused together. This makes for a very strong window and does not allow for any air infiltration because there are no open seams. A window that is screwed together at the corners is not as stong and the potential for air infilration is greater because the seams are not fused.

How long will the process take?
It really depends on the extent of your project. Typical window installations can be done in a day, or may last several, depending on the project. We’ll give you a clear time frame you can count on during the ordering process.

Can I buy directly from you for installation that I perform?
If you’d like, we can sell to you directly. Keep in mind, though, that you’re responsible for measuring and any errors. If your installation leaks or is not done by the manufacturers recommended methods, you don’t have recourse with anyone. Given that it’s the most expensive investment that you own, you might consider the advantages of a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor.

How do I measure metal with an edge?
When measuring metal with an edge, start from the roll of the edge (Pittsburg, S-Lock, etc.) and measure to the opposite side and add the edge shrinkage to determine the width. Use the chart below to figure shrinkage. Your measurements should ALWAYS include enough metal to allow for edge shrinkage!

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